Alien Jon Fire Poi: 2010 Playpoi retreats in Bali & Swizterland

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Buy my DVD here: – I found some fire footage from 2010 Playpoi retreats in Bali and Switzerland. Brings back fond memories, so I cut together this video. The 1st spin is from Bali and is more casual. The 2nd spin from Switzerland is a bit more technical flow. Keep yours eyes open for a North American Playpoi retreat co-taught by Nick and myself! Music: Unreleased track by my brother – “Coalesce”


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100metal001 says:

Ive been spinning for 7 months I do it before at and after work aswell :p I see my self as a 3 dimensional being on a 4 dimensional wall plane :p I even have some footage myself!

100metal001 says:

Absolutely flowrific ive now learn to dance with my poi. Too much for no movment. Question. Any sujestions on contact poi? Andd size that will help perfect stalls and tricks?

FxMisc says:

What is that move called at 0:34?

miceskin says:

wth is that move at 8:20???

Mash Casey says:

Those flames look purple in the second spin, is that just the camera? or are you using some special liquid? Either way, very awesome! Never seen this style before

grbball23 says:

4:18 – 5 min is flat out awe inspiring poi. this is the first video ive seen of you jon and im lovin it! great spinning!

Tyler Davis says:

Mr. Alien Jon. I consider you to be the Yoda of poi. I have been spinning glowsticks and poi for the past 3 years and intend to learn more flow arts as well. I aspire to one day make a career out of fireglow shows as well as a few other random things. Feedback from you would be amazing so please check out my videos, and keep yours coming Because i never get tired of watching.

TheMCkahn says:

Check out BBQ chicken – spinning fire

Maxiiasdasdasd says:

Is a good video i like it
but is too long, wherever i like it xd

serbr1 says:

how many times have you burnt yourself?

kitjohnson1 says:

That’s a wonderful video. It kept me hooked all the way along. I love the transitions between different styles. Really micro at the the end. Fun!

David Thomas says:

lol well look at that I learned to spin! Check my vids XD

Senorboombox says:

We all wished we could do it at some point. It was when we took that wish and put an effort into that we were able to do it.

matrixbug1 says:

I mean in just this video, it seems like the chains are longer from the start of the video to the end of the video. It also seems to have a progression of getting more and more techy.

VegaEtereo says:

increible amigo! o.o u are an alien from poi planet

David Thomas says:

Poi is crazy i wish i could do it

santiago1234567890 says:

glad to see that crosser turns on fire at 2:46…beauttifull burn¡¡¡¡

1spunion says:

way sick 🙂

PierieP says:

alien jon is CRAZYYYYYYYY

Freakdeke88 says:

so much control, i love it

JaviAirhead says:

Good stuff as usual 🙂 Good editing as usual 🙂

max65810 says:

out of this damn world as always. cant wait to see ya at kinetic fire!

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