Burnsclinic Fireshows Fire staff

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We provide Fire spinning entertainment for every occasion. Why not spice up your party with an impressive fire show? Or perhaps alternative entertainment at your corporate event. Contact us now to book guaranteed crowd pleasing entertainment for your event.

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1234ping4321 says:

Now if only it looked that furious in real life. . .
Still, very good job. I’d love to see a fire staff show!

Galtar0420 says:

were are you guys located?

Sachiko Sampi says:


Andrzej Wysocki says:

The Legend of The Firestaff still lives.

TXandUK says:

Ah fairy snuff

TXandUK says:

Don’t start with them on fire, i practise with a literal wooden staff, there’s plenty to staff spinning without the fire. Took me a few months before i tryed with fire

SpottyBlueSheep says:

Erm, no thanks…I think when it comes to fire I don’t fancy being self-taught 😛

TXandUK says:

Teach your self dude, there are like a billion tutorials on youtube

SpottyBlueSheep says:

Absolutely amazing 🙂 I would love to learn this sort of thing, but as far as I gather, there’s only one teacher in the UK, who lives nowhere near me :/ But still, awesome vid 😀

zgldt says:

Shere Khan would be so afraid!

KrisMar26 says:

I love that you guys have Slam by Pendulum for the background music!

QuantumTap says:

i can do all of this and it only been a few weeks, but you guys are insanely fast

toxxxicpanda says:

your technique is awsome in my opinion, if i wanted to do something like this where would i go to learn or try to join a staff you think?

Eric Haddow says:

watch my poi video you wont be disappointed search: mdmeric

DJNTF says:

do you guys teach lessons or are you looking for more people for shows?

NightWolf451000 says:

OMG dis is epic!

schnapsvampir says:

this fire is real

firecontactjuggler97 says:


DomBurns123 says:

Felt pretty real when we were filming it…. what a daft thing to say…

zuigmachine says:

the fire is not real

Haxan Gulden says:

excellent music choice.

Carlosalbertojesus1 says:

Olá bom dia, vendo fluido para cuspir fogo, o produto não tem gosto nem cheiro, é oque há de melhor para pirofagia, melhor preço de São Paulo. CONFIRA ! ! !

str33tDicipl3z says:

Nice. 

Surround93 says:

pendulum - slam

vyrewatch12321 says:

LOL??? its pendulum

tagimbul says:


IRDigi says:

whats the name of this song??

l4d2charger says:

kung fu class?

demiweits says:

i dunt like the music, but its very cool, i cant do that ALL to.

YngwieZero says:

God of Fire!! Burning Higher!

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