Catching airwraps

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GOT?POI is a Liverpool group that promote the art of poi spinning and other skilled arts.

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snud61 says:

Great set of vids mate. Are you still spinnin? Is there anything going on in Liverpool with the tutoials?

Spinsomepoi says:

awesome lesson. I haven’t seen one for this move yet on a tutorial. Gotta practice.

LiverpoolGOTPOI says:

arh thx for the comment 😀 i teach poi and other skilled arts, the hardest thing about poi ive found is explaning how to do it haha

To do with catching air wraps … you could try catching one poi with your wrist and the other with your elbow or knee. enjoy

Rainbowpoigirl says:

your videos are prime mate! i made a youtube accoutn just to say that!…keep adding more! i watch all the poi tutorials out there but i thinks yours are the best…no willy nilly chat just pure simple instructions…ace mate!!

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