Dancing with fire poi to “Gabriel” by Lamb

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Fire poi to Lamb’s “Gabriel.” Recorded at a live performance on November 17, 2006 at Carenza’s Caravan in Muncie, Indiana. Pali makes her way around the globe teaching and performing flow arts. She works with Playpoi,

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trinigabrielle says:

what an amazing performer:) 

Vesho says:

I fell in love with you .

palidances says:

Thank you! I trained in ballet when I was young for seven years — that’s probably what you’re seeing. :)

CarrieAsby says:

when people ask me, “what is poi?” i send them this clip.

This IS poi. SO beautiful.

winxclubfan00 says:

just the kind poi i was look for. love it

palidances says:

Consider how you define dancing. I think of it as becoming a conduit for the music — allowing its melodies and rhythms, its rises and falls, to dictate my motions.

When dancing with a tool such as poi, one must develop full range of motion within each movement type. This facilitates the ability to transition and move freely with the music, and thus creates the freedom to dance.


ShadowFlame05 says:

Beautiful dance, I Love the way you move with the flames. I feel a person graduates from ‘fire spinner’ to ‘fire dancer’ when they allow themselves to be moved by the flames, rather than trying to manipulate the fire with their body, and you definitely move like a dancer 🙂

hulululoop says:


supindas1 says:

absolutely beautiful

cybersass says:

i loved your interpretation of the song – so ethereal and graceful. there’s a reason it’s called fire-DANCING – just not everyone gets it. thank you!

krishoee says:

Wow, you’re an amazing performer.

Any tips on how to dance with the poi?

claudialegrete says:

Lamb – Gabriel

BackboneFirePoi says:

come back to salt lake, your light and heart warms the most frozen heart. Your soul sings to the highest self. How can we measure gabriels’s love; to know what is to come, but to perform what must be. Even if we know our destiny. Thank you. It’s in the knowing and doing, that we find our humanity.

8marshmallow8 says:

what a great performance i really like the way you spin 🙂 makes me smile

studio30pole says:


GlobalKaji says:

Wow.. the way you move with the poi is amazing.. you literally dance with the fire… the song choice was brilliant, i love that song, and when i saw you spinning to it, i saw i wasnt the only one to spin fire to it… very inspirational.. thanx

Global Kaji

leyla03 says:

trully beautiful

climbtheplanet says:


climbtheplanet says:

Someone may have answered this already, but, does anyone know the song title and artist? Great performance. I poi but have a much more masculine style and I love to watch people actually dance with poi. Well done!

ManiaCulmsee says:

Technicznie skąpo lecz….muzyka, ten taniec… kapitalne! Great! :))

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