Double Fire Staff – WOW – great tricks

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smutery says:

I fire spin too and i have one thing to say to this: I love your style so hypnotizing and original great vid and great edition the music is great too 10/10

iiME247 says:

fml the coordination for being that technical is intense. you’re sick man

WizArtemisos says:

What’s the name of the song?

nkp4misfits says:

oh maan freakin beautiful keep up the practice man those are some straight stunning transitions ^^

Axel Jorgensen says:

I saw this video a year ago and began double staffs. I can almost do everything in the video. Not nearly as cleanly, but I’m getting there. Thank you for all the inspiration. I learned a lot from this video. : )

MissizKamille says:

superbe video 🙂 c’est quoi le titre de la musique ? pleaseeee

fillaflip says:

beautifull, simply beautifull, how long you been at it? iv’e been spinning for a little over a year, posting vids the whole time, search fillaflip to see my progress. keep it up man, ur an insparation.

CasanovaDGAF says:

= 4 feet

QuiteTheBalls says:

its stupid how smooth he is… looks like he’s friggin doing poi when he’s weaving… amazing

ackzoltar says:

stile points!!

corczz says:


Fray789 says:

Looks very good in the daylight. Great vid, nice skills - hopefully I’ll reach your level in double staff spinning; ).

Kianna Chauntis says:

Very well done! I’m about to pick up double staves, I’ve been spinning poi for two years and just recently started to dabble in contact staff. How long have you been workin with these babies?

timothytrout says:

By the way – you’ve given me so much to work with – Thank you for throwing in the drop at the end just to let us know you really are mortal 😉 Beautiful video

RajaJayasinghe says:

amazing skills and beaituful isolations.

can i ask how long ur wicks are? ive tried searching the net and all doubles staffs wicks seems to b max 3 inch .

falher says:

bien brohter bien ah!

unoriginal345 says:

Can I be you please?

kien725 says:

im transfixed.

timothytrout says:

Absolutely awesome – Thanks for the vid – showed me what some things i’ve been playing with are supposed to look like and also blew my mind with quite a few things I’d never have thought of myself 😛

Kibokun says:

Wow. Amazing isolation. o_O

terrafovea says:

Phenomenal! Next time film it shirtless please. =)

stashbag says:

waow, I wanna go and make another staff NOW! best double staff i´ve ever seen! excelent paterns and great styleflow

thanks for posting

Deicidal says:

sic!!! does ANYONE no this tune at alll?????

NovaFeuershows says:

Nice Moves I love it and hope i will be so good like you in a year C=

firemblemrules9 says:

When you can’t see the actual staff, it looks like your somehow spinning two sets of poi.

Some of those spins are just mind boggling.

Atomicfilmbot says:

You are so inspiring, thank you for posting this video 🙂

chris2hodges says:

so fluid! brilliant!

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