Fire Dancing Clothing: One-Of-A-Kind Original Designs from GlitterGirl & Nova of

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Temple of Poi ( ) founder, Isa GlitterGirl Isaacs, and partner Patrick Nova Haley team up to create some fabulous wearable art to adorn your lives. If you have an event coming up where you need Burning Man style clothing or something fiery and fun, and especially if you’re looking for something never seen before, let’s team up to co-create some unique duds designed for you. Here’s a preview of some of our one-of-a-kind fire and flow dancing costume creations. Most of the clothing pictured here is fire safe as we specialize in creating costumes that work for fire dancing performance artists and troupes, showing the artist off in both video and still photography formats. Costumes are designed to pass burn tests while still looking crisp. The designs work for each body type and pants and sleeves are designed to highlight the limbs in motion in the dim light of fire and glow toys. Join us for our first Flow Fashion Show at 4pm at Prepare for the Playa (http ) on July 15, 2012 at Cafe Cocomo in San Francisco. Email us to arrange a consultation. Please note, since we fit all costumes to the artists, we must meet in person for fitting to design and create the perfect piece of art. Email info at glitternova com.

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