Fire Dancing (poi): GlitterGirl Fire Poi Dance (Temple of Poi SFFB 2007)

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Watch Temple of Poi founder and PoiGeek co-founder GlitterGirl perform to this remix with P!nk of India Arie’s song, “I Am Not My Hair” in San Francisco’s Union Square as the Temple of Poi fire dancing performers honor the 2007 San Francisco Food Bank’s annual canned food drive.

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agirlnamedross says:

I love this

mothentertainment says:

Isa, just watched this again, this performance has nurtured my creativity with SO much inspiration. You rock. I’m watching it with a friend right now and she’s drooling. Keep up the good work!!!

SaikerDa says:

Damn sexy. I love her style.

Orchidlover3 says:

16 people are crazy if they dont like glittergirl’s poi spinning.

lilbsongwriter says:

TUNEEEE! sorry im a huge p!nk fan!!! 🙂 you’re the only person i know thats ever done poi to p!nk, I LOVE YOU!!!! :) and yes i do spin too with fire its great but you, you are somthin’ else! 😉 😀

FireKatFinding says:

Love the speed you spin your poi, so good to see someone not afraid of going a little faster than everyone else!

mothentertainment says:

Definitely one of my favorites. So Beautiful, and so inspired.

poipriestess says:


poipriestess says:

@gothandreaz thanks for saying!

poipriestess says:

thanks for this! check out my most recent video i just put up – -i bet you’d like it. also, i have more videos (non performance though) on my free lesson channel — glittergirlpoi — and on my practice channel – gotfiredancing 🙂

poipriestess says:

thanks for noticing and saying!

poipriestess says:

well, i’m thinking i’m 2 years too late for that! 🙂 LOL

poipriestess says:

glad to inspire! :)

poipriestess says:

i work at it all the time. you can see practice ideas on my youtube gotfiredancing channel and some free lessons at glittergirlpoi if that will help! 🙂

poipriestess says:

thanks for liking it! 🙂

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