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I want to do more videos like this. Pro bono. Poi needs more good exposure. Contact me if you’d like to help. ­čÖé Email me at- Screenshots and behind the scenes info here- Date: July 2009 Format: DSLR video camera, 30 fps Music: “LTLP” by edIT

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TonicWater777 says:

This is a´╗┐ sick track by edIT!!!!

TonicWater777 says:

This is a sick video!! ´╗┐

1kellerkind1 says:

Perfect Video! Shows the addiction to fire very well! And I love the expression on your face! That is´╗┐ how I feel everytime I play withe fire. Although it is definetly not on such a high level asyours, you are amazing! very inspiring! ­čÖé

AprylRed says:

That was´╗┐ really nice! ­čśÇ

OceansongxOwlstorm says:

You’re so good at poi! ahhh!! xD videos like this one here inspire me´╗┐ to continue learning poi.

tas1250 says:

Sweet´╗┐ vid man. Now take ur skills and spread the love! Show others how to do these skills, remember the more you do for others the better off you will be for it all comes back to you in the long run-karma #PLUR

lifethrufisheye says:

Anyone know where to get a necklace like that?´╗┐

SerPorit says:

Man it is AWESOME!´╗┐ )

derthorindir says:

I think its a 3Beat in Splittime Opposite mode
You can get it´╗┐ easyly out of the 3Beat TTN also SplitOps

JHenry0311 says:

this is NOT fire poi… all…this´╗┐ is fire eating…dont post something unless you know WTF you are talking about!!

jinxyjinxmonsterette says:

I def need one´╗┐ done, advice? Suggestions? ­čÖé

nicred633 says:

Thats the best´╗┐ poi video I have ever seen man!

xatarisafarix says:

He’s very handsome´╗┐ his passion burns so bright in his spinning

EtherTrace says:

Anybody recognize´╗┐ what he’s doing at 1:24?

Dimebag719 says:

best fire poi video´╗┐ on youtube yet! keep burning ­čÖé

stephanopia says:

marry me.
that is the most epic poi videos i’ve seen, going along with what others were saying with how it was filmed, the spinning was awesome too, not to mention the guy was really amazing (trying not to sound too much like a´╗┐ creep)

garden73 says:


sijar1 says:

great´╗┐ poi work, truly amazing editing! hats off to you!

hemphemphorray says:

Great video.´╗┐

UnderYourBed131 says:

Amazing editing. job well done, indeed.´╗┐

MoriKitsune says:

*whistles* that guy is really good.´╗┐ it’s people like him that i want to be like (as far as fire spinning goes) once i am able to stop whacking myself every minute and a half while spinning my practice poi.

MyMindsDaze says:

Very´╗┐ inspirational:)

scoobtime says:

I´╗┐ love you. nuf said.

nousernameideasleft says:

Amazing, great editing. Still trying to´╗┐ reach a level like that myself. ­čÖé

Tibbs231 says:

really nice poi, and´╗┐ vid editing

ShivaShadowsong says:

This guy’s like: Yea I’m hungry, gonna´╗┐ eat some fire…

greensmurf1989 says:

Awesome job on the video!!! How do you like the monkey fists and´╗┐ what size are they?

vajokki says:


Nezann says:

love the editing´╗┐ (:
really great job

Bouncingcockatoo says:

Nice spinnage man. Great moves and videography was awesome as´╗┐ well.

blank4chin says:

who edited your´╗┐ video!!!!????

samaeling says:

very´╗┐ cool

charlesaphillips says:


xDistantDreamx says:

I think I’m in love.´╗┐ With fire, this guy and this song. AMAZING!

Jitt3rs says:

incridible. very hot video. im learning fire poi now,´╗┐ its super exhilarating.

ThePoeticFox says:

weird video, bu it totally captures the beauty´╗┐ of poi.

gardenfairylady says:

Form´╗┐ an orderly queue now ladies!!!!

gardenfairylady says:

Wow what a beautiful´╗┐ video…..

kiemerick313 says:

This is the best editing I have seen for fire poi… What software´╗┐ did you use?

smand84 says:

I like how You thinking about poi videos and what You wrote on home of poi. I also think that way. Many new ideas and new filming´╗┐ styles gona blown up in near future. Let’s be part of this :]

VampDominique says:

Dear Mr Klockenkemper!

I can see that you’ re deeply in love with Fire. You need to dance with her, and´╗┐ kiss her, no matter how cruel she is to you. Don’t burn your mouth too much. You might still want to kiss a human ladyfriend one day. ­čÖé

Take care!

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