Fire Poi – Yuta

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After first seeing this video, the group stepped up our skills.. bringing our spinning to a completely different level. Yuta has been our benchmark ever since!

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russian178 says:

Wow, i guess i still´╗┐ have ALOT of work to do ­čÖé

Hrihyal says:

How long are the´╗┐ strings on his poi?

sushiqt07 says:

wow this´╗┐ is amazing….puts you in a complete trance. i MUST learn how to do this now

17Tiffka says:

Amazing!! I can’t stop watching´╗┐

Ismael4815162342 says:

:oooo you are on fire!´╗┐

JanJanco says:

i got a long way to go…..

187CaptainMorgan says:

and then the´╗┐ fire nation attacked….

thefirstwhiteknight says:

At first I was like -_-
Then I was´╗┐ like O.O

marshallek says:

It’s like 5´╗┐ years since Yuta posted this video and it is still amazing. He’s flow is unique. It’s evergreen in fire art don’t you think?

krisXgX92 says:

check´╗┐ out my channel for more fire spinning!

Thefireguru1 says:

its the anti spins that are hard, you just gotta be able to keep a´╗┐ beat

toastyPOI says:

thanks for the show man, you are AHHmazing.´╗┐ I need to get fire so ya can watch me, ­čÖé

SamanthaKayDances says:

I cant´╗┐ stop watching this

alexsousa92 says:

i´╗┐ wish i could do this

EliasWolny says:

as the song is´╗┐ called?

oyakovleva says:

Soo beautiful´╗┐ i loved it!

fallenangel3574 says:

pretty boring. why not just use glow-sticks. looks better and you can do 10x more, because you dont have the risk of burning yourself. ´╗┐

Ralukka7 says:

Why isn’t there a button for´╗┐ double like?

soulsaga says:

The Fire´╗┐ Flower.

Justindog45 says:

this flower poi, ive been wanting to get into that style,´╗┐ but its soo darn difficult

botanicalbob says:

My computer and´╗┐ google chrome brought me here.

MrCookiesandcream198 says:

Very nice flow! It was a´╗┐ true enjoyment watching that.

ArtemisofEphesus says:

This is amazing!! What’s the name of´╗┐ the move from 2:40 to 2:48?

PoiBreaker says:

And thus life changed´╗┐ ever since i saw that ­čÖé

CthulhuForCocoaPuffs says:

That´╗┐ was just great.

Nezann says:

4beat corkscrew´╗┐

blackjackchamp says:

What’s the´╗┐ name of the move that starts at 1:00 and ends at 1:08?!

1ermiller says:

That is so elegant yet strong I’ve watched it at least 50 times and still wana watch it wen ever i get a chance. By far better than any thing i can comprehend this is a next level fire performance! Please marry´╗┐ me???

gnoooo says:


Brian Powell says:

The most beautiful fire performance I’ve ever seen. The flow, technique and skills are flawless, imo. You are´╗┐ an ispiration! <3

SamanthaKayDances says:

dude´╗┐ are you in baltimore?

darlinggirl2 says:

Poi is so absolutely beautiful…a true art. The first live poi show I seen was performed by two women…and one of them was wheelchair bound and boy,´╗┐ they did an AMAZING show.

TheErraticTheory says:

Because of the poor quality he looks like some sort of´╗┐ Ninja Wizard.

davideburford says:

Damn!! That was´╗┐ awesome.

iamearthbornami says:

truly fabulous´╗┐

knivesandforks says:

Every time I take my poi skills to another level, I come back to this video again and again and am blow´╗┐ away more and more

GR1MMH3X says:

Not´╗┐ dubstep…

Skyhigh04rockets says:

this´╗┐ guys a badass

CatKimba says:

..still´╗┐ in my fav..

AnSuperhero says:

those´╗┐ flowers..

Fluffcze says:

I’ve never seen such´╗┐ a beauty

TheScurvyNinja says:

would that be the watcha say with the bit´╗┐ from ‘Hide and Seek”?

lexxalight says:

2:41 – 2:45 one of the best moves´╗┐ ive ever seen!!! ­čÖé

missBVillans says:

First off, this guy blows my mind. Second does anyone know the length´╗┐ of his poi?

cariemay says:

Truly inspirational. After watching a dozen times, it still captivates´╗┐ me. Thank you!

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