Fire Staff: Sage Dancing to Spitfire by Prodigy

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Clips of Sage’s staff performance on 6/6/06 at Ararat in Austin TX. Music: Spitfire by Prodigy. Check out sage at, or her fire troupe at

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hellokity281 says:

awesome very mesmerizing

SweSora says:

This gave me some pretty new ideas, thanks!

pandina88 says:

This video makes understand that the most important in juggling is not to do every trick alone, but to connect them harmoniously..wich is not so easy! Great performance 🙂 !

famihra says:

hmm… she’s good

fleetr06 says:

That horizontal flow with the neck roll is SICK!

johnnyfmsvietboy says:

beautifully done with grace and presence. i dream to be half as good as you are at staff.

zajek667 says:

awesome….just insane…great job…keep doing vids like that

BleedingHeartInc says:

What kind of fuel did Sage use for the breathing?

aerialprophetess says:


JiubLink says:

Good job!

MegaSweet1985 says:

fair play love ur apsolutly amazing cud watch u for hours

takingbackashley says:

I want to learn to do this so badly.


Ur amazing !!!!!!!!!!!

Elebril says:

Stunning. So fluent, so full of grace. Absolutely beautiful.

pirarty says:

luv the bit were u step over the staff i need to learn that ;]

S16Dgothic says:

wow! That is Great

MasterBlackyFan says:

tihs is a perfect fire dance wow!

SangreDelSol says:

Thanks Scott!!!

moloko0o says:

sexy, awesome, lovely…
i love that girl

Czajnik9999 says:

That is Great 🙂 im learning moves from You 🙂 just Great!! 🙂 Sage U Rox!!:) 😀 gl

CandyTheKitty says:

Wow… simply amazing |:

chadclance says:

OMG,i hope i can get that good!!!

chadclance says:


mollypierucci says:


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