Fire Staff: Sage during 2007 SXSW

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Clip of Sage’s fire staff performance during the Sangre del Sol fire show at Mercury Hall in Austin, Texas during 2007 SXSW.

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garden73 says:

how can anyone dislike this video? seriously? weird people out there!

Pyr06661 says:

one of the sexiest women ive ever seen. keep it up girl. massive respect to anyone who spins fire!!!

AlVicious69 says:

where can i gt on staff fire?

NightRosarii says:

Flawless. I love it. ^_^

nachoseg says:

how can i turn my staff on fire for so long?

HexReinette says:

O_O That’s awesome.

CrustyBiker says:

That was amazing!, I was gonna click onto another vid during the slow start but I’m glad I didn’t, She does look very relaxed and very talented…

apapalonglong says:

She is very good at this.

Niantraangelninja89 says:

you are very much right thank you

666psychoneurosis666 says:

Ooh big staff^^

SilersSpin says:

why does it matter what others say?

Niantraangelninja89 says:

I am almost up to fire but Still not allowed so says others.
Lol she is really good. I wish i was like her.

kiemerick313 says:

You are very talented, you make love to the staff you are very passionate. I have not even thought of horizontal spins,

Uraili says:

I love spinning staff. I’m not experienced enough to spin fire, but I’m getting there.

Saper300 says:

Great control and beautifull body work.

james90n says:

nice work, enjoyable to watch.

LordMattman says:

Great stuff, really enjoyable.. transitions could be smoother, but hey I can’t criticize someone with such skill :]
Keep spinnin

SangreDelSol says:

Im sure she will Keep It Up

momofirefly says:

damn… i still can´t believe it!

anyatherat says:

Really nice, as well as technical ability (which the girl clearly has) she has style.

flash4741 says:

full of energy, gracefull…awesome to watch.

grim5 says:

very good preformance

Meghan Claire Pike says:


fire dancing that lives up to both parts of it’s name! Lovely.

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