Fire Twirling, Perhentian Island, Malaysia

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I have been looking through my Perhentian Island footage and found this great shot of a fire twirler. I thought it was so good I’d decided to feature the whole performance. For camera buffs, filmed on xf100 with 1/12 shutter to enhance the flame blur.

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COMMANDER5184 says:

Thank you Mr. kaki5740!!!

kleeebz says:

Awesome video : ) looking good Flea -your getting pretty good at fire pois now!!!x

kleeebz says:

Awesome video : ) looking good Flea!!!x

Margaritaville3 says:

That was pretty cool! the flame effects look awesome!, great music for that show 🙂

OneFifthNative says:

This reminds me of the time a friend done this kind of thing with a fag butt. We had ate moldy cheese just before.

OneFifthNative says:

I think it’s called “Have you heard something incredibly similar ever before?”, or something like that.

overlander says:

A cameraman friend said of the purple colour – “An element of the colour process or image is holding late or processing slower. The flame is moving so fast, and is a complex image to process. Interesting to see what no shutter would deliver – but video processing a complex shape & colour, in high contrast will likely deliver some kind of artifact. Purple is close to magenta, so that’s my thought. “

COMMANDER5184 says:

ok thank you

overlander says:


overlander says:

don’t know sorry

overlander says:

To the human eye no, must be some processing with the camera.

COMMANDER5184 says:

Please let me know the music name of BGM.

angela291268 says:

Awesome!!!..Did u film this Mark?…Great effects…

eveningniteshade says:

Did that have a purple trail in real life or your camera does that for some reason?
Looks good anyway

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