fire twirling in Cyprus

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my little bro doing a show for my aunty’s wedding in Cyprus

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MsCometto79 says:

MMmmuah!!!´╗┐ ­čÖé

kawazaki87 says:

What is it for´╗┐ music?

FlipTheDish says:

borax-rubbing alchoal.´╗┐

69ervolcom says:

how do you make it green? like specifically?´╗┐ cheers

alice6german6maggot6 says:

wow! that´╗┐ was amazing!

datura187 says:

The song is called children by Robert miles ­čÖé a´╗┐ little ol school

cloud8762 says:

That was´╗┐ great! ­čÖé

FlipTheDish says:

use borax and menthal, you’ll get a green flame and it looks´╗┐ killer.

RhetoricZombie says:

That’s awesome,´╗┐ and he’s attractive :3

bongfacemen92 says:

Thats heaps´╗┐ good!

SweetasWalker says:

yea this´╗┐ is heaps good, i just started fire twirling and its fun. thats all im doing it for, to have a good time

great0tony says:

wats da name of dis´╗┐ song i love it..

great0tony says:

dis is a cool song.. wats the name of it..?´╗┐

lordnkx says:

nice´╗┐ work

LunaEnya says:

EXACTLY.. Let’s´╗┐ do all for the love of art and the passion to keep the fire burning

LolifiedByMe says:

I’m 11 but I’m´╗┐ smarter then you think, and why would I post a video to prove myself? I’m not sure why I even commented about that, I’m not posting a video..

LolifiedByMe says:

I’m 10´╗┐ and I can do better..

MarcusDitzel says:

This is awesome. I love the two´╗┐ staff work

randombloke13 says:

WOw man, that was rad!
there are alot of´╗┐ twirlers out there but you are the rare combination of twirler and PERFORMER – and thats what made that so great, very rhythmic, such a kool build up, good music choice, loved it!

Marthy000 says:

Cool =) Nice moves´╗┐ =)

Nymph0511 says:

Wow this is amazing. i love fire twirling,´╗┐ i could watch the performance for ages… it’s so hipnotic and beautiful. :)))

livinreppinlovinlife says:

Dillion594 your a retard, thats how a lot of´╗┐ performances are constructed

Rulzever says:

awesome ! i love the end´╗┐ +5stars

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