Nathaniel Everist Fire Twirling – Rainbow Serpent 2008

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Hi there, this is a video my girlfriend took of my fire twirling at the Rainbow Serpent Festival 2008. It was a fantastic festival and I had an amazing time. This was my first performance, and I’ve only been doing poi for 9 months at this stage, so be gentle on comments. Apologies for the poor quality, I was very disappointed to see that in my nervousness I had forgot to make sure the camera’s settings were high, so it’s kinda bad quality. On that note, if anybody has got photos or video of me, I’d absolutely love it if you could send it to me as this was a very special moment in my life. Oh yeah, and in case they read this, massive thank you to Chris Carlos, Pete and the other guy on fans (who’s name I’m afraid I didn’t catch but made me feel a lot less nervous about performing through his chat to me beforehand) for letting me be in their show and for showing me some incredible poi moves to practice and just being all around awesome and inspirational. And to everybody who clapped and cheered me despite me being nowhere near as good as the others. Sorry for the long description. Song: Razor Artist: The Prodigy

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elditto420 says:

lovely, mad skills for just having nine months of practice…

purpledude13 says:

well i watched thats and wow funky as like have been following ya tutorals and they really help some hopfully oneday i can do fire poi 😀

mutantsong says:

Really excellent spinning for 9 months! much better than i was after 9 months…you kids learn so fast these days. looking forward to seeing where you’re at 9 months from now.

NathanielEverist says:

Not really, just make sure you’re not wearing any synthetic clothing, so natural fibres like wool or cotton are good. Also, if the clothing is too thin, the heated metal can burn your skin through the cloth, so make sure you wear something nice and thick for added protection.

panchoavendano says:

when you do the wrap whit fire, do you use any kind of proteccion??

NathanielEverist says:

Cheers man

SynthesizerHero says:

you sure can twirl!

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