Poi Girl on Fire

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Napalm Fairy in “Sending Signals to Spaceships.” An Oli & Ros video. The track is Egokiller, by Shiva Shidapu. For more Ros, search YouTube for “Napalm Fairy Practicing”.

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andonjuin says:

I know right? I’ve been watching this video for years and this part still amazes me.

krisXgX92 says:

check out my channel for more fire spinning!

RenSuzumya says:

shit girl!
you just rocked my poi world!

kdchmln says:

this music is so shitty

sadpuppy16 says:

This girl was hot…. is this a video challenge?

Shane Sterling says:

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TiredOldGamerULX says:

3:58 can someone tell me if he is doing advanced isolations or if this is a different move entirely? I have never seen isolations used in this way in any other video or any of the performances I have been to irl. It is fucking amazing and I want to learn it.

Scott Marshall says:

Not a fan of the music…. The spinning was great though!!!

Stickmasterrr says:

I like both of you guys. Smooth spinning, you make it look very easy and natural, also very unique. I especially like the lady… Her dance is sexy and makes her looks like some kind of evil with casting some spell rituals to take over your soul! Damn hot… Welldone!

TheBasCast says:

pray to the master at 2:40 ^^

great spinning dude

TweakLearnsPoi says:

love both of your styles. nice job

reubenatorgod says:

awesome music, awesome spinning 🙂 !!!! LOVE IT!!!

hunterjumper17 says:

I have never seen that many likes on a video before holy crap!

vickoamor says:

yeahh nada mejor y mas sexy que una lady dandole a los poi

LeecyLane says:

Great location/background to film! 

hardcorerabanrk says:

first seen this video about a year ago and still think it looks good ,,been spinning for just 8 months now and think am gettn really good at it ,seems to come very naturally to me ,,great video and learned a bit from it ,,go with the flow people and spin on 🙂

roshinidavidson says:

Is this sage? And man can this dude Boogie!!!!

pineapple420K says:

i think this vid is great. and  love the track also…

xDu57Mi73x says:

The male in this poi video has a style that ive never seen before. and i love it.

Vegannibal says:

if you do wraps with chains cover up with non-synthetic clothing, so that you don’t end up with cut-like chain burns all over your arms.

seepingmass says:

You can absolutely do wraps with firde poi. It’s not really the fire that will burn you, but the metal hardware.
And good quality kevlar wicks can last you for a long time. I’ve had mine for over 2 years, but I don’t use them all the time either.
If you want, send me a message and I can get you a discount on the best quality fire poi available online. For real. Send me a message.

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