Threeworlds Fire Twirling Comp 2007

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This is the winner of the Threeworlds Fire Twirling Comp 2007. Be part of the next one in 2008. Visit for more info.

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debbiepfeiffer1968 says:

Sensational !!!!  AwesoMe wow SUPER even ……

FantastiC !!!!

cecilman101 says:

this routine was awesome, simon, the guy who used the dual staffs and poi at the same time, used that part of the routine at a show i went to, it looks good here, but was so much more amazing to see in real life

1Pent says:

Original and creative moves… avesome

brendan69r says:

if that was in Woolongong, i was there!!!, cuz i swear to god it looks like ive seen this b4 swear on my heart!
i fire twirl i meself so yer the contact bit, u masterd them well

mypoidiaries says:

top notch!!! a deserving winner :-)

jasondourden says:

how could you last that long……..i gotta give up smoking

coyoteko49 says:

Very cool. I enjoyed that thoroughly!! =0D

Elkymbo says:

Check out my vid “insane fire twirling with fireworks at the ending” ……..cause at the end the guy twirls fireworks in front of the notre dame in paris it’s awesome!!!!

Jen Roldan says:

I’ve never seen fire poi and fire staves swung around at the same time till I saw this video. Very amazing.

screamtherapy85 says:

damn straight. 81lyle sounds like thers a bit of all talk going on there. ppl lyk him just have to wreck everything. anyways thats fucking insane!!!!! you guys are orsm!

getdown42 says:

That was awesome. I am trying to master that little hand flip with my fire knife…shit! Tight though…Good stuff.


jadeyjewel says:

THe staff and poi at the same time is the coolest thing i’ve seen thus far!! I need to go practice now!

tomthumb787 says:

i dont no wat u are talkin about 81lyle they were wicked awsome.. and i thought i was o..k

Morganfrench01 says:

….. damn i need to practice

rrp27 says:

holy smokes! that was awesome! who are these people?

trouble58772 says:

Wow!!! You guys rock. End of discussion.

darthsay says:

Absolutly, genuinly, courageously amzaing. Thant main gy in the trio is simply mind blowing. Im so gonna reach that level eventually!

threeworlds says:

got to love the music.

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