Threeworlds Fire Twirling Comp 2009 Winners Part 1

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The winners of the Threeworlds Fire Twirling Competition held in Currumbin Australia each year.

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mewingkitty says:

I think the reason that you’ve had so much debate on this video is the fact that it’s titled as winners of a competition. Frankly I wouldn’t ever “compete” in fire poi because 1 – who’s to say what you rate them on, and 2 – I wouldn’t want to lessen the enjoyment by taking it seriously. Stating that they “won” (Same scoring system as figure skating?) makes people point out flaws.

If you named the video “Threeworlds fire twirling performance”, it’s unlikely anyone would have criticized anything.

ChappoIsHere says:

Nice work guys! So much fire going on all over the place Its awesome

NaughtyDesertRider69 says:

wow im verry impressed this was a wonderful perfromance looks like they worked really hard to get this far i watched the otheres the were great to but i just love this on for some reason varry creative and down right genious i think . but im still and amachure myslef maybe when i get better i can learn how to spell correctly ha ha awsome video

mathel11 says:

yuh not the fastest or the coolest fire twirling ive seen but still pretty awsome (only referring tot his part)

PyrodynamicsRob says:

theres to much negativity in the world today dude try to stay a bit more positive towards fellow artists. I appreciate people who speak their mind but yeh, my advice to you fellow spinner is that if you have such a negative feeling towards a youtube clip be more constructive. I always try to encourage even the most basic spinner. I think you would change your attitude if you seen us spin in the flesh.. anyway peace dude, happy & positive spinning.

PyrodynamicsRob says:

Fair enough dude, everyone is entiteld to their opinion. But I dont want people to lie to make me feel better, but have u heard the phrase ‘If its not nice its not worthy saying’.. theres disscussion & costructive critasism & then theres just being rude & negative. ‘awful’ was rude & negative.. like I said we were FAR from happy with the performance & there wasent that many highly skilled artists in the comp but it was still ok, not awfull!

aramanamu says:

i think its more respectful to give an honest opinion, rather than lie to make people feel better.

we learn more by seeing things AS THEY ARE from many different angles – this one being my eyes. use it. you should be glad i bothered to leave a comment at all

aramanamu says:

but, like do you not use the internet much? any random CAN throw an insult over the net! haha its great. you cant go taking it personally tho, its just discussion. would you be offended by a dog if it barked at you?

anyway, my videos arent the same as this. they were only documenting the new stuff i had been working on. exciting wasnt the aim.

but you can go comment on em all you like. and the fire one i hope to put up soon…

aramanamu says:

R0513E was right, awful was a bit strong. sorry about that, but it doesnt change the fact that i didnt enjoy your show. i guess putting it together 3 hours before, its not gonna be that tight – but theres my point; it was sloppy but still won. and you may argue that the concept or artistic quality shone through and impressed the judges, and that may well be the case, but i still didnt like it.

PyrodynamicsRob says:

Man I watched that video again, & I was far from happy with the show on the night.. But ‘AWFUL’ You rude person, weres your respect for fellow spinners, I for one would like to see you do better!! In fact Id like to meet you in person to give you a peice of my mind!! You are unapreciate of unique and talented fire art, how rude!!

PyrodynamicsRob says:

Mate I think you were a bit f**cking rude, I’m offended! I hate it when some random thinks they can throw an insult over the net! firstly there were only 2 parts at 10min, secondly its called being creative & artistic & unique, not ‘HOW MANY PROPS CAN I HOLD’ Yes our routine was messy as, and could of been ahell of alot better, but we put that routine together 3 hours befor hand. I watched your videos mate & there not that exciting, so how bout a bit more consideration.

R0513E says:

. Ok you win, I was trying to be nice. But you are right. Haha and I didn’t know that there was 4 parts. I think that second place winners were better. You should watch that one, tell me what you think. I’m going to be entering the comp this year for the first time, should be good.

aramanamu says:

fair enough. i wont watch the rest tho – 4 parts @9 mins each. no thanks.

“they just need to perfect them a little more” ?
to quote myself, ahem…
“this won a fire twirling competition!?”

im not familiar with competitions, so maybe this is exactly what they look for

R0513E says:

I’d say the theme could have also been “how many things can we burn at the same time”. Awful is a strong word and if you watched the whole thing you would see that they had some pretty invintive moves, they just need to perfect them a little more.

aramanamu says:

this won a fire twirling competition!? was the theme “how many props can i hold at one time”?! sorry, but i thought this was awful!

RainaZen says:

go the cairns firetwirlers.

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