Tokyo Fire-Spinners: Genki Double-Staff

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baltosfan says:

preformer makes the preformence

13orangecake says:

Oh my goodness! Thank you! Wonderful! Domo arigato! (sp) Wow…beautiful stuff.

JaaadeFK says:

Beautiful Juggling act, what´s the songs name?

85luisje says:

oh my god, he is goodd !!!!
and this music is perfect !!!

TaRooProductions says:

Im just starting to mess with double staves, and i have to say this has been one of my favorite fire dancing videos of all time ^.^

Christopher Michael says:

Ok Great, I’m responding to your email now….

Starfury Flames says:

track is tetrameth — the quickening <3

Starfury Flames says:

gday, christopher =) i build genki fire double staffs, you can see them in the starfury vids on this channel….. i’ve sent you a private message with my contact info, get in touch and we can have a chat….. i’m based in australia but i can send worldwide….. =) happy days!

Christopher Michael says:

This is positive entertainment. Where may I purchase staffs like these?

feuershow100 says:

cool feuershow
Wünsche allen ein frohes und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest sowie ein gutes, gesundes und erfolgreiches Jahr 2013.

Meine Homepage:

MFG:Marcello Köllner

Danny Ford says:

This dude is straight up BANANAS. That contact trick at 1:33 o_o Along with everything else O_O

incasethe mayanswereright says:

Thank you!

Knifeblade11 says:

wow amazing definitely inspired me to learn now.

Knifeblade11 says:

wow amazing definitely inspired me to learn now.

Knifeblade11 says:

wow amazing definitely inspired me to learn now.

Jessica Walls says:

I Love it!!

Thomas Langnickel says:

very nice performed

Александра Монина says:


TuesdayAmy Blackmon says:

sooooo R!ght on grOOvy cool

Soulfire Airweaver says:

alot of arm work, nice flow mon!

TheAshenKael says:

Every time I hit a wall in my learning, I visit youtube to find somebody better than me for inspiration… today you were that person, thankyou 🙂

SkifSazon says:


Starfury Flames says:

hah, u’ve got two hands for a reason!…… =P and look at it this way, spinning with two staffs will immensely improve ur single staff ability!…. best of luck with it!

Theobtusellama says:

I’ve been dancing with my staff for 3-4 years, but after viewing this (at least 10 times), I decided to progress onto doubles, love it! 

mirmie1979 says:

DEADLY! Loves it 🙂

Renesh2 says:

Try putting it up in a bun, or braid/french-braid it and then clip it up with one of those double-comb things. Or pull it back at the base of your head, twist it once or twice, then “fold” it up and pin it in place, then put the double-comb in. If your hair is especially long like mine, then you can fold it up, pin it, then twist and fold it back down and pin again. There are plenty of options to keep it out of the way.

Renesh2 says:

I don’t usually find double staff videos to be especially impressive, it seems like once you’ve seen a few great performances you’ve seen basically all there is to see. But this…? THIS is impressive. Very nicely done, you certainly represent your art well! And taking a look through your gallery, it seems you’re keeping up the pattern of re-impressing me with double staff. Bravo!

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